• Tacx T2170 I Vortex

Tacx T2170 I Vortex

The Tacx i-Vortex is all in one. This trainer is ideal for riders who want to train focused and also want to have the possibility to add more entertainment to their training sessions. The i-Vortex can be used as a stand-alone ergotrainer for serious training, for example to prepare yourself at home for cyclosportive tours. But once you connect the trainer to the PC, the i-Vortex changes into a Virtual Reality trainer. With the help of the Tacx Trainer software you can then ride in virtual terrains or in films of famous cycling classics and mountain stages, such as the climb of the Mont Ventoux. While the road is displayed on the screen of the PC, you can feel the gradient in your legs. Apart from a power cable the i-Vortex is wireless.

This cool trainer features a handlebar computer with a display that makes all relevant training data visible at a glance. The handlebar computer doesn’t have a memory; programs for slope, power or heart rate can be set manually while training. The i-Vortex works with the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic. If desired the software can be upgraded to Advanced.

The i-Vortex electro brake consists of 8 permanent-magnets, 8 controllable electro magnets and a 2 kg flywheel. The maximum resistance is 950 Watt. The system is wireless, there is no cable running between the brake and the handlebar computer. A cadence sensor is no longer needed either, although power is. The i-Vortex includes the Skyliner front wheel support. The manoeuvrable BlackTrack steering frame also fits perfectly and is available optionally.

Virtual Reality trainer
Training with PC & stand-alone funktion

  • Handlebar computer, programs manually adjustable

  • Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic

  • Incl. Skyliner front wheel support; BlackTrack steering frame optional

Electro brake

  • 8 permanent-magnets & 8 controllable electro magnets

  • Integrated 2 kg flywheel

  • Max. resistance 950 Watt; adjustable in percent


Electro brake
The i-Vortex works with an electro brake. By placing magnets and electro magnets beside a rotating aluminium disc, eddy currents are created which generate an opposing magnetic field. In this way a non-contact, maintenance-free brake is realized that is also silent. Thanks to the electro brake a resistance can be set that you also experience on the road or in a climb.

Virtual speed
The electro brake does not have a downhill drive, such as the motor brake of the i-Genius, and it generates less power while riding uphill. When you are cycling in a virtual terrain or in a film you can get outside the range for which the brake is intended. In the second graph the working range of the i-Vortex is shown. To allow cyclists with a motor brake and cyclists with an electro brake to ride races against each other in Multiplayer, Tacx has developed the virtual speed. This concept translatesthe energy supplied into a certain speed, which can guarantee a fair contest. If this speed differs from the speed at which the rear wheel is running, the virtual speed will be shown on the screen in red.

Basic software

This is a slightly simplified version of the software without some advanced features. But still there is more than enough to train in a scientific way and enjoy cycling in the virtual worlds that are so lifelike that they cannot be told apart anymore from the real world. 

The Basic software is an excellent starter and makes entertainment accessible to everyone. Contains two beautifully designed Virtual Reality terrains: the Valeggio road terrain in Italy and the Velodrome. Also there is the possibility of cycling in Tacx films. This makes the trainings sessions enjoyable and adventurous. With GPS outdoor training rides can be completely relived at home. With Catalyst you can train on heart rate, power output and slope. 

With Multiplayer you can compete online against real opponents. This requires a license. With the Basic software and a Multiplayer license you can ride in the VR against up to ten real opponents.


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