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  • Specialized Ridge Rød 2014

Specialized Ridge Rød 2014

Change your music or make that critical phone call (NOT while riding of course!) without taking off your gloves—WireTap technology makes these gloves touchscreen-friendly. Equally suited for mountain and road, casual or competitive, this long-fi ngered Body Geometry glove stands out with its superior fi t and light weight.

Touch screen compatible

Thin Body Geometry mountain padding is tuned for optimal bar control while relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve

Micro-width Velcro® closure for comfort and unrestricted wrist movement

Soft, absorbent Microwipe™ thumb for brushing away sweat

Lightweight nylon/spandex mesh back

Reinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palm is supple and durable

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299,95 DKK


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