• Finish Line Multi Degreaser

Finish Line Multi Degreaser

Strong and safe! A new technology degreaser that quickly cleans without damage to rubber or plastic components. Strong enough for the grimiest metal parts, yet safe enough to clean parts with rubber o-rings and seals, urethane elastomers, painted surfaces, etc... Finish Line Multi Bike Degreaser features 100% active (no water) biodegradable degreasing solvents, so bicycle chains and gears are cleaned more quickly, and often without a need for a water rinse. Less time cleaning means more time riding! Powerful soy-extracted solvents break down grease, grim, and stubborn soils with amazing ease and will biodegrade if it gets on or in the Earth.
Safety, Health and The Environment:Finish Line's Multi-Degreaser features uses an exciting leading edge soybean extracted cleaning fluid which is renewable and sustainable and as such is a Readily Biodegradable formulation.., which means that more than 60% of the product will degrade within 28 days once exposed to contact with commin soil-borne bacterias.

Multi-Degreaser is non-toxic when used in quantities and applications as intended and contains no carcinogenic or hazardous air polluting (HAP) ingredients. Additionally, Multi-Degreaser is REACH compliant for Europe and all ingredients used are listed with all major worldwide chemical inventories and as such conforms to all environmental regulations for its use as intended.
Multi-Degreaser is flammable and contains VOC’s and as such should be used with caution and in a well ventilated area.
Multi-Degreaser contains no artificial dyes or fragrances and is packaged in either recyclable HDPE #2 plastic bottles or recyclable steel cans with no CFCs or ozone depleting propellants used.

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